Solid rubber Hutchinson

Many types of rubber and plastics are used in industry applications. We supply materials such as semi-finished products in canvas and board, but also have our own processing. Most of our materials have specific properties such as wear resistance, high temperatures or eg chemical resistance. Linatex materials have an extreme wear resistance.

We also have our own processing where we build sockets and bellows, punching and waterjet cutting as desired.

Limo AB can offer you industrial rubber for most purposes.

The LIMO material guide compares different materials with each other

Hutchinson 17510 IIR/Butyl rubber

Thickness 2mm and has good water-repellent properties, approved for drinking water according to ACS (France), withstands mechanical stresses well and has adhesive properties.

Hutchinson EPDM 16155

Withstands mechanical stress and compression well, has adhesive properties and ages more slowly. developed for the mining industry.

Hutchinson NR 11979

Handles mechanical stresses excellent, good abrasion resistance.

Hutchinson NR 10117

Withstands mechanical stresses, higher abrasion resistance. Developed for the mining industry.

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