Machine feets and variations of bushings

With the help of rubber bushings and vibration isolators, you can easily reduce vibrations in machines and thereby extend the service life and reduce noise. LIMO AB also has a wide range of machine shoes that cover most needs.

Machine feet

Insulator Type-M

Vibration isolator/Machine shoe Type-M


Traditional machine foot


New generation machine shoe that has many technical advantages. The same height for all insulators, regardless of size, low natural frequency of 7Hz and easy to install. All parts are completely rubberized, passes the 400 hour salt spray test. Long service life and sizes that can handle up to 1350 kg / insulator

Engine set-up

A new series of insulators specially developed for mobile and marine engine setups. The insulator works down to a natural frequency of 6Hz and can withstand large shock loads. Several different fastening options, also available with level adjustment, weights from 600 - 2300 kg / insulator.


Simple small machine shoe for office machines, household machines and other smaller machines, available in stainless acid-proof design.


Traditional machine shoe with built-in level adjustment, available for loads up to 12,000 kg. Also available in stainless acid-proof design


Traditional machine set-up where the rubber element is completely protected inside the steel cover. Easy installation, stable setup and 7-12Hz natural frequency. Stops and abutments have different types of rubber elements.


A robust machine set-up that is made of cast aluminum. Three times softer axially in relation to radial, progressive characteristics, also acts as a shock insulator. Fully encapsulated and in sizes that can withstand loads up to 1800 kg.


Traditional engine cushion for marine engines


Simple bushing

Flexibloc and silentbloc

Flanged bushing

Flanbloc and special s.c.

Laminated bushing

Diameter 12-20mm

Pivot bushing

Fluidbloc and touriflex

Special bushings

Different types of special bushings

Spherical bushings

Spheriflex and fluidbloc

VOID bushings

Dimensions 8.5mm - 12.2mm

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