Rubber-covered rooms

Rubber-covered rooms where you want to protect animals and individuals from injury in the event of a fall or simply keep the rooms clean and sterile.

Rubberized rooms with soft walls & floors

It provides security when walls and floors are soft and have a flexible, durable surface layer, which counteracts damage in the event of a fall.

Easy to clean & easy to maintain

It is easy to clean the room as the surface layer is completely tight and can be cleaned with water and also disinfectant detergent.

Awakening room-for horses & larger animals

Rubberized awakening rooms intended for horses and other larger animals require a little extra as floors and walls are exposed to very large loads as the animals are very unstable and often fall on awakening. It is quick and easy to clean and disinfect the rooms after use and it improves the working environment for the staff in their daily work. A recovery room provides a safer environment for the horses and a good working environment for the staff. We have many years of experience in building this type of rubberized room.

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