Gas spring for heavy lifting

A gas spring can also be called a pneumatic spring and is a device that can be used for many different purposes. Gas springs are often used when lifting and closing heavy doors or lids, can be used in machines, vehicles, hospital equipment, in shipping and in many types of applications.

Versatile gas springs

Instead of buying a spring for each area of ​​use, we at Limo AB can present a range of more versatile gas springs. These gas springs combine different functions and have reducible pressure.

Dimension your gas spring and get a 3d-CAD file directly.


Telescopic locking fittings, can handle up to 135kg in up to 10 different fixed positions. Maintenance free

Length: 142mm or 215 mm
Fully extended length: 231mm or 374mm


Adjustable gas spring, variable in positioned position.

Swift & Sure

Gas spring, which is available in many different designs, suits most applications.


Lockable gas spring, can be locked over the entire stroke.

Econoloc - security locking

Gas spring with built-in safety lock

Stainless - swift & sure

Made of 316L stainless steel, suitable for Marine applications and demanding rust-resistant industry.

Camloc brackets

Different types of mounts for Camloc's product range

Camloc mounting bracket

Mounting bracket for Camloc's product series

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