Solenoid valve for explosive & extreme environment

Solenoid valves are used to control the flow of liquids and gases in pipes, pipes and hoses in industry. Limo AB offers a range of solenoid valves, designed and manufactured with high demands on function and safety. The solenoid valves are intended for various uses. They are well suited for the chemical industry where the environment can be explosive and extremely challenging.

Solenoid valves series 21

2-way direct control solenoid valves, normally closed (NS) and does not require differential pressure. The valves are intended for a wide pressure scale and can be used for steam, water, gases and light oils. Opportunity to choose special packages for aggressive media.

Solenoid valves series 67

Solenoid valves intended for process control in the petrochemical industry. The valves can be designed with different types of connections, materials and encapsulation.

Solenoid valves series 68 (Cryogenic)

2-way normally closed (NS) solenoid valves for cryogenic media such as liquid oxygen or nitrogen. Construction of brass or stainless steel. The valves are free of grease, oil and moisture and operate at temperatures down to -195 ° C.

Solenoid valves ACD series (Diaphragm seat valves)

2-way normally closed (NS) diaphragm seat valves for flow control of various gases and liquids. Choice of packing material for different media.

Solenoid valves, steam series

2-way normally closed (NS) solenoid valves for flow control of steam. Housing of brass or bronze, internal parts of stainless steel or copper alloy. Maximum working pressure 8.6 Bar, temperature of the steam up to 180 ° C.

Solenoid valves series GB

2-way direct controlled normally closed (NS) solenoid valves for flow control of natural gas. Aluminum housing with stainless steel interior, nitrile gaskets.

Special and customized solenoid valves

Special solenoid valves adapted to function in the best possible way in a specific application to meet customer requirements and wishes.

Universal Namur solenoid valves

Solenoid valves intended for air flow control in pneumatic actuators. The valves can be used in extreme environments.

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