Waterjet cutting in everything from plastic to stone

Waterjet cutting is a cold processing that has low set-up costs, minimal waste and no destructive heat generation. We perform water cutting in rubber, plastics, metals, stone, ceramic materials and various packing materials. Our waterjet cutting machine has the capacity to cut up to 3000×2000 mm. In connection with contract assignments in water cutting, we produce the necessary drawing and file documents.

In addition, waterjet cutting is a perfect labor-saving alternative such as pre-processing / rough processing in more complicated productions, tolerances can be as small as one tenth of a millimeter.

Advantages of water cutting:

  • Minimizes the need for product finishing
  • Precise cut surface
  • No heat generation (you avoid cracking and metallic change)

Contact us if you are interested in subcontracting waterjet cutting!

Download our brochure about waterjet cutting:

Folder about Waterjet cutting

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