A natural part of our business

We at LIMO AB are certified according to ISO14001. This shows that we as a company conduct efficient and active environmental work. The process involves continuous work with environmental policy, planning, implementation, follow-up and improvement.

The purpose is to constantly improve the business' environmental work and to reduce the environmental impact. We see this as a natural and important part of the work of constantly developing our business.

Environmental policy

LIMO AB shall reduce its negative environmental impact as far as it is ecologically justified, technically possible and economically reasonable. We do this by:

  • Increase our knowledge and commitment to environmental issues that affect us.

  • Map and comply with the environmental legislation that affects our operations.

  • Constantly improving our business.

  • Where possible, collaborate with suppliers who have a stated environmental ambition.

  • Take care of our waste in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Produce products with the least possible negative environmental impact and long life.

  • Primarily choose environmentally friendly chemicals and raw materials in our production.

This quality policy is re-evaluated annually according to our routines.

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