Work environment improvement at a horse clinic in Skara

The recovery room at Skara horse clinic has been renovated by Limo AB. Walls and floors are now completely tight, which simplifies the daily cleaning and tidying of the room. 

Skara horse clinic is an animal hospital that in February this year chose to renovate and rubber its recovery rooms, where the horses wake up after surgery and anesthesia. The cleaning of the room is now easier, which means an improved working environment for the staff in their daily work.

— It is quick and easy to scrub and disinfect the rooms after use, says Siw Nordström, veterinary nurse at the Skara horse clinic. She also thinks that it is no longer slippery, which means that the horses get up better in the newly renovated rooms. 

The walls and floor of the awakening room are soft and elastic so that the horses do not injure themselves on awakening, which creates security for the horse owners and staff at the horse clinic. It will be a win-win situation, a safer environment for the horses and a good working environment for the staff.

— It feels good to be involved in improving the safety of the horses and the working environment for the staff at the horse clinic, says Tommy Larsson, salesman at Limo AB. 

Limo AB has been located in Norrköping since 1952 and works with rubber awakening rooms for Horses. They have extensive experience of this and their recovery rooms are designed to provide lifelong durability with little maintenance.

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