Reduce vibrations with insulation

Limo AB offers components for vibration and shock insulation, often called vibration dampers or vibration isolators. Machine set-up with vibration dampers is available in a variety of designs and models, made of various materials to meet the requirements of most existing applications.

Wire rope insulators

Wire isolator

The wire insulator is in many cases completely superior in comparison with other types of insulators. Typical applications are the suspension of electronic devices mounted in various vehicles, machines such as compressors, tanks, hydraulic units, generators mounted on board ships, aircraft, helicopters and construction machinery.

WR isolator

A traditional wire insulator, available in many different sizes and models. Can be delivered in completely stainless "316" design. The smaller models have the beams plastically shaped around the wire, which gives a very stable attachment of the wire and that the insulators are produced more economically.

CR isolator

New model of wire insulator that has many advantages. · Compact · Easy installation · Equal character in horizontal plane · Economical

RoHS information wire insulators

PDF-file with information about ROHS for wire insulators.

Vibration insulation for vehicle

Hydro mounts

A unique design that offers mounting with rubber elements combined with hydraulic viscous damper in the same unit

CAB mounts

Controls movements and impacts in heavy vehicles, provides a more pleasant working environment and is available in various designs

Rubber insulators

22000 Ring & Bushing

Vibration isolator for vertical and horizontal load.


Shock insulator intended for electronic devices, panels and instruments to be installed in aircraft, marine and vehicle installations. Meets requirements according to, SEFA 001A, Air 7304 and Mil std 810c.

Batra rubber washer spring

A washer spring made of rubber that can be stacked to provide different spring paths.


Typical machine feet, available in several different designs

E1C2321, E1T2105

Insulator developed for vibration and shock insulation of goods during transport.


High-damping silicone rubber dampers intended primarily for vehicle-mounted electronics.


Rubberized steel spring that can be used as a buffer or as a very soft insulator to be able to obtain low natural frequencies.


The insulator is intended for applications that require low natural frequency (2.5 - 7 Hz) and large travel paths and the ability to withstand shock. Typical applications can be low speed fans, compressors and vibration feeders. · Very large axial movement capability · Very low natural frequency 2.5Hz · Progressive to withstand large shock loads.


Works as a vibration-isolating expander plug

GB 530 Marine Insulator

Insulators specifically created for Marine purposes, such as: electronics, radar or special weapons equipment.


Insulator for small loads that are mounted vertically, such as electronics units and control cabinets.


Insulator for small loads where you require equal stiffness in all directions, available in different hardness.

Ring & Bushing

Insulator for very small loads, electronic devices, circuit boards etc.