Industrial shock absorbers - dampers for the industry

By installing a good shock absorber for your industrial machines, you extend the lifespan of the machine and create a more pleasant environment with less noise. In addition, components and wearing parts in the machine last much longer.

Limo AB offers various types of industrial shock absorbers. Choose from self-compensating shock absorbers, adjustable shock absorbers, emergency stop shock absorbers, buffers, rotational shock absorbers, motion control shock absorbers and various shock absorber accessories.

Adjustable dampers

ECO OEM / OEMXT small adjustable dampers

The small OEM series are adjustable shocks absorbers available in strokes up to 230,4mm. The damper has the adjustment unit located in the rear part of the cylinder.

OEMXT medium-sized adjustable dampers

Adjustable dampers available in strokes up to 537 mm. The damper has the adjusting unit located on the side of the cylinder.

OEM large adjustable dampers

Adjustable large dampers available in strokes up to 864 mm. The damper has the adjusting unit located on the side of the cylinder.

Self-compensating dampers

ECO self-compensating dampers

The ECO series was designed with a focus on the least possible environmental impact. We use a biodegradable oil, other used materials have been chosen with the least environmental impact in mind. The damper is naturally RoHS approved. Technically, the damper is made to be able to handle varying loads, speeds and driving forces, even very low speeds and large driving forces. A new surface treatment on all external components Enicote ll, gives a doubled corrosion resistance in jointing with nickel plating. The ECO dampers are of the self-compensating damper type, are available in 4 different hardnesses and are always delivered with a lock nut. Try the new generation of environmentally friendly dampers from Enidine!

RoHS information ECO

PDF document with RoHS information applicable to the ECO series.

PMXT hydraulic dampers

Non-adjustable dampers with flexibility in both size and absorbed energy

PXR small industrial shock absorbers

The PXR dampers from Enidine have a high capacity in relation to their compact size.

The dampers are of the "self-compensating" type to be able to be used in a large area of ​​use. PXR hydraulic industrial shock absorbers achieve a long service life for today's demanding industrial applications.

CRS stainless small industrial shock absorbers

Fits well in demanding environments in e.g. food industry, packaging and logistics, electronics, chemical processes and marine applications.

Made of stainless steel, complements the PXR. But also available as Adjustable.

Can be deliverd with food-approved oil on request.

TK miniature dampers

A very small and compact damper. Not adjustable.

XR extreme service life in high temperatures

XR dampers are designed to withstand over 10 000 000 cycles in high temperatures. The dampers are specially designed to withstand the extreme conditions in glass and plastic machines.

Buffer damper

HDN / HDNA Customized and adjustable buffers

New HDN replaces the previous HD type. HDN is a buffer with long strokes and low return spring forces. The dampers work well in applications with relatively high operating frequencies and where you normally work in the damper's stroke length. The HDN dampers are delivered as customized or adjustable, many different attachment options and position sensors are available.

HI and crane buffer

A buffer is intended for applications in stressful environments and with large forces. The HI buffer has a built-in accumulator with a high return spring force that guarantees a safe return. Typical areas of use are cranes, traverses and railways.

Custom dampers


The SH / STH dampers are customized standard dampers that can handle very high loads in relation to the size.

Special dampers

We manufacture the damper you want. We have references from the aviation industry to the offshore industry, anything is possible

CB-OEM customized standard damper

The CB-OEM dampers are based on the adjustable OEM series, which has been customized to provide maximum function in relation to the application.